The Story Behind Your Numbers

A client of mine contacted me the other day to tell me some amazing news about her business…and that was her Company just won a large contract with a major supplier…and that I was the second person she told that morning [after her husband of course]. I was absolutely thrilled to hear her good news and grateful that she contacted me.

Now rewind back 18 or so months ago where the story starts off a little different to the news mentioned above. Eighteen months ago, the business and company weren’t doing so great. The company was making losses and cash flow was poor. Around about this time, this client of mine came to us [after going through other accounting firms] for help. We said YES to helping them……..because I could see a different story behind the numbers. I could see the potential to make money AND not only that, I could see that if they changed certain habits, reduced certain costs where possible AND most importantly I could see this client needing just a little guidance and support that they would come out better in 18-24 months. They did EXACTLY what was asked of them and now the next goal that I have set for them is to look at buying their first home.

Going back to the original story….the reason why I was the second person for her to share the great news was so that we could work together over the next few months and review the numbers. With the extra income and cash flow going into the business….she wants to make sure that they are on track to making a profit and on track to potentially purchasing their dream home. She wants to understand the story behind the numbers.

Your numbers aren’t just something an Accountant uses to “lodge a tax return” [or at least they shouldn’t be]. They are so much more than that. They tell me a story. They tell me your story. Some stories behind the numbers require changes and hard work….but if you learn to understand the numbers, you become a better business owner. You gain the knowledge to make informed decisions.

You gain confidence in what’s happening behind your business…by understanding the story behind your business and what the numbers mean.

So…..what’s the story behind your numbers?

Charisse Russell is a Chartered Accountant with over 17 years’ experience in accounting, audit and taxation. Her passion lies in changing lives through her approach in being a coach, advisor and mentor. Charisse has two gorgeous munchkins and has an amazing husband. Charisse runs and operates HKS Russell [Business | Accounting | Consultants] and is the Entrepreneurs Accountant.

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